Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Publisher Tools Introduction (Magical tools for publishers)

Publishertool is a single dashboard for publishers. you can do your “White Hat” affiliate marketing very easly by using publisherwall tools. it is a central control of all offers,banners,lockers,rotators etc. you dont need to change our code, if once have paste. just change from publishertool dashboard and all banners,links,rotators will auto update ,without change our JS code again.
you can save your time with developer needs to promote offers and give your offers to another website owner and get traffic from all side on multiple offers and change offers on your dashboard then all sites banner will update automatically.
publisher tools List
  • Add Networks
  • Add Offers
  • Add network API and view Leads ,Clicks,Earnings of networks
  • Create Dynamic Banners (don’t need to update code multiple time. just paste once and change offers from publishertool panel
  • Create Lockers with multiple dynamic offers
  • Create Select Box (redirect to offer on change function)
  • Create Dynamic Link  Rotator (one link which url is changes on every page load)
  • Create Back Button redirect to offers
  • Set GEO Location offers and landing page will redirect to offer according to country set by you.
  • Create your own Tracking URL and view its stats.
  • many more feature….Registe here

Publisher Tool Menu

Main menu have many tool list which are very useful in affiliate marketing and manage your multiple CPA network account and reports on same place and manage all running offers together .

** IMP**
Befor use any tool from publisher tools you have to add network and  offers under network

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

how to add your Network account

1. Go to - > Networks->Add Network

Enter your Network details. **you don't need to save your account username and password, its just for your help to remember multiple username and password. 

2. Go to - > Networks->My Networks

this is your current added network you can enable/disable on one click and update info.
Action Menu.

Monday, 8 May 2017

how to add your network's Offer

Go to - > Offers->Add Offer

  1. Select network (which offer you are going to add )
  2. Group (select any one .its for future use to make group of multiple offers and promote.)
  3. Enter Offer name
  4. Enter Offer tracking URL or (Landing page URL which redirect to offer or linked with offer)
  5. Select Offer image ( for display as banner. it should not more then 1 MB) * best preview 250*250.
  6. Offer details
2. Go to - > Offers->My Offers
you can view you offer stats and Enable/Disable ,edit like network action 

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Create Banner With Dynamic offers

1. Go to -> Make Banner -> Create Banner

Imp Note :- If you have not Add a network and some Offers under that Network then plz go and Add Network First then its Offer. 

you will see this screen

Use of Banner -> affiliate run many offers for display type but they have to change offer and banner image on website page, every time when they want to change offers but if you use publisher tool banner code once then you don't need to change website code next time. just go to your publisher tool panel and update offer link,image or image and all changes will apply on your every site where its code have been put once.

2. Go to -> Make Banner ->  Banner List

you can get again code of banner if once have created by click on (</>)
you can also update banner offer and delete banner if no needed any more.

How to connect your Network Account with publisher tool for Lead reports

Go To -> Report API->Add Network API

you will see

Step 1 -  Now select your network name,which you have save before . 

Step 2 - Select tracking type(like hasoffers,cake or Network Name listed here.) 

Step 3 - Now login in your network account and find API keys and Publisher ID/Network ID 

Step 4 - if tracking type is cake marketing then you need to Enter Network Login URL 
          (Example-  SmartAdv is a cake marketing type network and its URL is and click save

Go To- Report API- > API List

In this page you can see the list of Added API's and View network report by clicking On View Report Button.  For any Query mail us

Saturday, 6 May 2017

how to create Offers Redirect SelectBox

1. Go to -> Make Select Box -> Create select Box

Imp Note :- If you have not Add a network and some Offers under that Network then plz go and Add Network First, then add its Offer. 

Select Box use is to redirect user to selected offer. you don't need to update or change  select box code if you have put this code once in your site. just go to edit option of select box and add some more offers and it will automatically view in your running sites.   
Try on

Friday, 5 May 2017

how to create Back button redirect to offers

1. Go to -> Back Button Redirect -> Set Back Button Offers

Imp Note :- If you have not Add a network and some Offers under that Network then plz go and Add Network First, then add its Offer. 

you can set multiple offers on your back button and if user will click on back button then redirect to any one offer which are in your set offers for this back button.
its very useful to redirect your user to your offers.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

How to make money smartly from CPA networks?

Hello friends, in this time many affiliates working with many cpa networks as a publisher and trying to make money by leads and conversions but affiliates have to create banner and smart links for multiple network and display on own sites,affiliates have to promote offers  and shares on social networks and many more places .now affiliate has a single solution to manage multiple network and offers on same dashboard ! publisher tools. publisher tools have multiple advanced techniques to manage offers and get all report about offers and its conversions. publisher don't need to enter offers details they can  offers automatically import  from networks using network API keys. and publishers can create banners,smart links,multiple offers select box,offer iframe,tracking url, back button redirects and many other tools without help of developer. publisher need to just copy some small codes from publisher tools and paste on own sites. now publisher will see magic of publisher tools.

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