Sunday, 7 May 2017

Create Banner With Dynamic offers

1. Go to -> Make Banner -> Create Banner

Imp Note :- If you have not Add a network and some Offers under that Network then plz go and Add Network First then its Offer. 

you will see this screen

Use of Banner -> affiliate run many offers for display type but they have to change offer and banner image on website page, every time when they want to change offers but if you use publisher tool banner code once then you don't need to change website code next time. just go to your publisher tool panel and update offer link,image or image and all changes will apply on your every site where its code have been put once.

2. Go to -> Make Banner ->  Banner List

you can get again code of banner if once have created by click on (</>)
you can also update banner offer and delete banner if no needed any more.

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